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1 Feet 2mm 6 Pin Wire And Connector



A 1-foot 2mm 6-pin wire and connector refer to a specific type of electrical cable and its corresponding connector. Here’s a breakdown of the components:

  1. Length: The wire is 1 foot long, which is equivalent to approximately 30.48 centimeters. It is measured from one end to the other, including the connectors.

  2. Diameter: The wire has a diameter of 2mm. This measurement refers to the thickness of the wire’s conductive core.

  3. Pins: The wire comes with a 6-pin connector at one or both ends. Pins are small, elongated metal components that serve as connection points between the wire and the corresponding device or component. In this case, the connector will have six such pins.

  4. Connector: The connector is a device or mechanism that allows the wire to be securely attached and connected to another device, such as a circuit board, a sensor, a motor, or any other electronic component. The specific type of connector used will depend on the application and the devices being connected.

The combination of a 1-foot length, 2mm diameter, and 6-pin connector makes this wire suitable for various electronic and electrical applications where a specific length and number of connections are required. The use of connectors facilitates easy installation and removal of the wire, making it convenient for both manufacturers and end-users alike.

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