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1 Meter 0.2337mm 34 SWG Nichrome Wire Resistance Nickel Chrome Heating Wire 35.5 Ohm/meter



OCr21A14 FeCrAl heating resistance electric wire.FeCrAl wires are made of iron chromium aluminum base s containing small amounts of reactive elements such as yttrium and zirconium. The high aluminum content, in combination with the high chromium content causes the scaling temperature to increase up to 1425ºC (2600ºF ); Fe Cr Al s also have excellent oxidation properties at 800-1300ºC because of the formation of a highly protective Al2O3 scale. 

FeCrAl wires has high resistance, low temperature coefficient of electric resistance, high operating temperature, and good corrosion resistance under high temperature, especially under the atmosphere containing sulfides. FeCrAl wire possesses good oxidation and heat resistance.FeCrAl wires are creep-resistant over a wide range of temperature, which is another of their important qualities. 

FeCrAl wires have several potential advantages, such as lower raw-material cost, superior oxidation resistance, lower density, and lower thermal expansion coefficient than the Ni-base super-s.However, FeCrAl wire has less hot strength than nickel s but much higher melting point and lower price. After being heated the ‘s plasticity becomes bad, easy brittleness, not to be easy to weld. However, If can be reasonably used, also be a kind of ideal electric heating material. 

2.FeCrAl wire Applications: 
FeCrAl wires intended for prolonged operation at high temperature. FeCrAl wires are used chiefly for heating elements in the electrical industry and wide range of high-temperature oxidation environments, such as industrial electric furnace, heating furnace, nuclear reactor, petroleum refinery and automotive exhaust system, household electrical appliance, electrical oven, electrical heater, infrared settings and far infrared ray device.

FeCrAl wires’ ability to withstand oxidation, the wires can be employed under high-temperature conditions, while their good ductility enables them to be processed into wire and strip by hot and cold working.


3.Main Property of FeCrAl


OCr21A14 FeCrAl heating resistance electric wire

1 Meter 0.2337mm 34 SWG Nichrome Wire Resistance Nickel1 Meter 0.2337mm 34 SWG Nichrome Wire Resistance Nickel

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