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1 Meter 4 Pin Jst Wire



A 1-meter 4-pin JST (Japan Solderless Terminal) wire is an electrical cable designed for connecting various electronic components, devices, or systems. The term “JST” refers to the manufacturer, Japan Solderless Terminal, which specializes in connectors and wiring solutions. The “4-pin” designation indicates that the connector at the end of the wire has four individual pins or terminals.

  1. Length: The wire is 1 meter (approximately 3.28 feet) long. This length provides a decent amount of flexibility for connecting components that might not be immediately adjacent to each other.

  2. Connector Type: The wire terminates with a 4-pin JST connector. A JST connector is a type of electrical connector that’s widely used in electronics for its compact size and reliable connection. It is designed to be easily inserted and removed without soldering.

  3. Pin Count: The connector has four pins or terminals. These pins can be male (protruding pins) or female (receptacle slots) depending on the specific application. Each pin serves as a conductive contact point for transmitting electrical signals, power, or both.

  4. Usage: This type of wire and connector combination can be used for a variety of purposes in electronics. It’s often used to connect components such as sensors, actuators, LED strips, motors, and other devices that require power and data connections. The 4-pin configuration allows for multiple functionalities, such as supplying power, transmitting data signals, and providing ground connections.

  5. Application: Depending on the specific context, this type of wire might be used in projects ranging from hobbyist electronics to more complex applications like robotics, automation, lighting systems, and more.

  6. Compatibility: It’s important to ensure that the wire’s 4-pin JST connector matches the corresponding connector on the devices or components you intend to connect. This includes verifying the pinout (the arrangement and function of each pin) and the gender (male or female) of the connector.

Overall, the 1-meter 4-pin JST wire is a versatile electrical cable that facilitates easy and reliable connections in electronic projects. Its standardized design and JST connector make it a popular choice in various industries that require secure and efficient electrical connections.

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