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10 Segment Led Light Display Module Bar Graph Ultra Bright Red Yellow Green Blue Colors Multi-color



10 Segment LED  Light Display Module Bar Graph Ultra Bright Red Yellow Green Blue Colors Multi-color 
  1. Design: The module typically has a rectangular shape with ten evenly spaced LED segments aligned in a row. It is constructed to be compact and easy to integrate into various electronic projects and displays.

  2. LED Colors: This particular module features ultra-bright LEDs in various colors, including red, yellow, green, and blue. These vibrant colors allow for clear visibility in different lighting conditions.

  3. Multi-color: The module is multi-color, meaning it can display different colors simultaneously or switch between colors to convey different information or states.

  4. Brightness: The LEDs used in this module are ultra-bright, ensuring high visibility even in well-lit environments. The brightness can often be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences or specific applications.

  5. Segmentation: The module is divided into ten individual segments, each representing a specific data point or level. These segments can be selectively illuminated to provide a visual representation of the input data.

  6. Analog Input: Many of these modules have analog inputs that can be connected to sensors or other devices to read and display analog data. For example, in audio equipment, these modules can display the volume level.

  7. Digital Control: They can be easily controlled using digital signals from a microcontroller or other control systems. This allows for precise control over which segments are lit and their brightness.

  8. Applications: These modules are commonly used in various applications, including audio level meters, battery charge indicators, signal strength meters, and any scenario where analog data needs to be visually represented.

  9. Mounting Options: They often come with mounting holes or adhesive backing, making it easy to integrate them into different projects or enclosures.

  10. Versatility: The module can be customized and programmed to display specific patterns or animations, making it suitable for creative and dynamic visual displays.

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