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10k 1% Epoxy Ntc Thermistor



Need to measure something damp? This epoxy-coated 10K thermistor is an inexpensive way to measure temperature in weather or liquids. The resistance in 25 °C is 10K (+- 1%). The resistance goes down as it gets warmer and goes up as it gets cooler
These are often used for air conditioners, water lines, and other places where they can get damp. The PVC coating of the wires is good up to 105 °C so this isn’t good for very hot stuff.
We even toss in an additional 1% 10K resistor which you can use as a calibration or for a resistor divider.
NTC 100k±1% 3950 Temperature Sensor Probe Thermometer (25mm) Waterproof, Thermistor NTC 10K Accuracy 1% Waterproof Probe, Temperature Sensor Probe Thermometer, NTC 100k±1% 3950, Thermistor NTC 10K Accuracy 1%.


Stainless steel sheath and waterproof

  • Measurement range: -20 to 105 °C
  • Length of wire: 8 inches approximately.
  • Size of probe: 5 x 25 mm
  • Output: 2 wires
  • Type: NTC 10k±1% 3950
  • Measure environmental temperatures using Arduino ADC and this 10K NTC
  • Resistance to the temperature conversion table
  • B-constant : 3380K -/ 1%
  • Typical Dissipation Constant 5mW/ °C
  • Probe insulation: >100MOhm
  • Peak Voltage sustain time: 2 seconds, AC1800V 1mA 2 seconds
  • Stress sustain: 9.8N (1kgF) for 1 minute no deformation


Pictures shown above are just for representational purpose, and the length of the wire, connector endpoint, etc. keeps on changing. But it will have still the same functionality as a 10K Waterproof NTC probe.

Package Includes:

1 x Thermistor NTC 10K 1% Epoxy Thermistor

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