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3362p 10k Variable Resistor Trimming Potentiometer



The 3362P 10k Variable Resistor Trimming Potentiometer is an electronic component commonly used in circuits to adjust and fine-tune resistance levels. It’s part of the 3362P series of potentiometers manufactured by various electronic component manufacturers. The “10k” in its name refers to its nominal resistance value, which is 10,000 ohms (10 kilo-ohms).

Here’s a more detailed description of its features and characteristics:

  1. Type: The 3362P is a type of potentiometer, which is a three-terminal resistor with an adjustable center connection. It’s often used to control voltage or current levels in electronic circuits.

  2. Adjustability: Being a trimming potentiometer, the 3362P is designed for precise adjustment of resistance. This makes it suitable for applications where fine-tuning is required, such as calibration and circuit tuning.

  3. Resistance Range: The nominal resistance of the 3362P is 10,000 ohms (10k ohms). This means that when used as intended, its resistance can be adjusted anywhere within this range.

  4. Tolerance: The component’s tolerance specifies the allowable variation in its resistance from the nominal value. Common tolerances for potentiometers are typically around 10%, meaning the actual resistance could vary by up to 10% from the stated 10k ohms.

  5. Power Rating: The power rating indicates the maximum amount of power the potentiometer can handle without getting damaged or affecting its performance. The power rating for the 3362P series would depend on the specific model and manufacturer, but it’s generally in the range of a fraction of a watt.

  6. Physical Construction: The 3362P usually comes in a compact, cylindrical form factor. It has three terminals: one at each end and one in the middle. The terminal at one end is connected to one side of the resistive element, the terminal at the other end is connected to the opposite side of the resistive element, and the terminal in the middle is connected to a wiper that can be moved along the resistive element.

  7. Mounting: The potentiometer can be mounted on a circuit board or other appropriate surface using its through-hole leads.

  8. Applications: Trimming potentiometers like the 3362P are used in various electronic applications, including analog circuit calibration, voltage and current adjustment, audio equipment, and sensor calibration. They are also commonly used during manufacturing processes to fine-tune circuits for optimal performance.

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