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5v Ups 18650 Battery Charging Shield Arduino Battery Shield Nodemcu Battery Shield


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This is UPS based on 18650 to provide you uninterruptable 3.3v and 5v at the same time. You can use this battery shield to power many products like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, esp8266, nodemcu, and esp32 devices. At this version 18650 shield has protection. The output current can reach 2A. This is enough power for 99% of Arduino and esp projects.


What makes it special?

  1. Battery protection(Overcharge or Over-discharge)
  2. Micro USB port Input
  3. Type-A USB Output
  4. 0.5A current charging
  5. 1 switch control USB output
  6. 5~8V Input Voltage
  7. 3V & 1A Output Not Conteneus
  8. 5V & 2A Output Not Conteneus
  9. LED indicate(Green means full, Red means charging)


  1. Input port: Micro USB
  2. USB output type: Type-A 
  3. 0.5A current charging
  4. 1 switch control USB output
  5. Input Voltage:5~8V 
  6. Output:3V & 1A (x3)and 5V & 2A
  7. LED indicate: Green means full,Red means charging
  8. Size: 9.8×2.9cm


Be careful of “+” and “-“, You should follow the direction of “+”-” on the PCB. If you put the wrong direction, the charging chip will be destroyed.

5v Ups 18650 Battery Charging Shield Arduino Nodemcu

5v Ups 18650 Battery Charging Shield Arduino Nodemcu

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