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20MHz Crystal Oscillator



20MHz Crystal Oscillator

  1. Frequency Output: 20MHz – The crystal oscillator generates a stable clock signal at a frequency of 20 megahertz.
  2. Crystal Resonator Type: Quartz crystal resonator, known for its high stability and low phase noise characteristics, ensuring accurate frequency generation.
  3. Frequency Tolerance: Precise frequency control with low tolerance levels, typically within a few parts per million (ppm), to meet stringent timing requirements.
  4. Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for a wide temperature range, ensuring stable performance across various environmental conditions.
  5. Supply Voltage: Compatible with standard supply voltages commonly used in electronic systems, typically ranging from 3.3V to 5V.
  6. Output Waveform: Provides a clean and square wave output with minimal harmonics, making it suitable for digital applications.
  7. Output Load: Designed to drive standard loads commonly found in digital circuits, ensuring signal integrity and reliability.
  8. Start-up Time: Rapid start-up time, allowing for quick stabilization of the oscillator upon power-up.
  9. Aging Characteristics: Low aging rate, indicating minimal frequency drift over extended periods of operation.
  10. Package Type: Available in various package types, including through-hole and surface mount, to accommodate different PCB layouts and assembly processes.
  11. Phase Noise: Low phase noise characteristics, ensuring minimal signal jitter for precise timing applications.
  12. RoHS Compliance: Compliant with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives for environmental safety.
  13. Application: Suitable for microcontrollers, microprocessors, communication systems, and other electronic devices where accurate timing is essential.
  14. Compatibility: Standard 20MHz frequency, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electronic components and systems.

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