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4 Inch 100mm Pvc Cable Tie In Pakistan



** Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to tidy bliss!**

Introducing these 4-inch (100mm) PVC cable ties, your new best friends for conquering cable chaos.

No more wrestling with loose wires! These clever ties have grippy teeth inside that hold onto cables and pipes like champs, keeping everything secure and tidy.

Super strong, yet easy to use: The special design lets you tighten them up with minimal effort, no more sore fingers!

Safety first: Made with flame-retardant plastic, these ties offer peace of mind knowing your cables are protected.

And they’re not just for cables! Use them to tame hoses, tools, and anything else that needs a little organization magic.

Get your hands on a pack of 100 ties and experience the difference for yourself!

Bonus: They come in crisp white, adding a touch of clean style to your organized space.

So ditch the tangled mess and embrace the power of tidy! Grab your pack of 4-inch PVC cable ties today!

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A cable tie (also known as a hose tie, zap strap or zip tie, and by the brand names Ty-Rap and Panduit strap) is a type of fastener, for holding items together, primarily electric cables or wires. Because of their low cost and ease of use, cable ties are ubiquitous, finding use in a wide range of other applications. Stainless steel versions, either naked or coated with a rugged plastic, cater for exterior applications and hazardous environments.[1]

The common cable tie, normally made of nylon, has a flexible tape section with teeth that engage with a pawl in the head to form a ratchet so that as the free end of the tape section is pulled the cable tie tightens and does not come undone. Some ties include a tab that can be depressed to release the ratchet so that the tie can be loosened or removed, and possibly reused.

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