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5v 2a Diy Power Bank Module With Display And Emergency Light Points



5V 2A DIY Power Bank Module with Display and Emergency Light Points

  • Voltage and Current Rating: The module is designed to provide a stable output voltage of 5 volts (5V) with a maximum current output of 2 amperes (2A). This makes it suitable for charging a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered gadgets.
  • DIY Design: As a do-it-yourself (DIY) module, it typically comes as a compact circuit board with input and output connectors, control buttons, and various components already soldered onto the board. Users can integrate this module into their own enclosure or project, making it ideal for makers, hobbyists, and electronic enthusiasts.
  • Display: One of the notable features is the built-in display, which shows important information like the remaining battery capacity, output voltage, and current. This display is typically an LED or LCD screen, making it easy to monitor the power bank’s status and know when it needs recharging.
  • Emergency Light Points: This module often includes an integrated emergency LED light feature. This means it has built-in LED lights that can be used as a flashlight or emergency light source. This is a useful addition in situations where you need illumination during power outages or when you’re in a dark environment.
  • Battery Compatibility: The module is usually compatible with various lithium-ion or lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries. Users can select and install their own battery, which allows for customization of the power bank’s capacity. Common battery sizes used are 18650 cells.
  • Protection Features: To ensure the safety of connected devices and the battery, these modules often incorporate protection mechanisms like over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and over-discharge protection. This helps prevent damage to your devices and the power bank itself.
  • Input and Output Ports: The module typically includes a micro USB or USB-C input port for recharging the battery within the module. On the output side, it typically provides one or more USB Type-A ports for connecting and charging your devices.
  • Charging Indicator: In addition to the display, there may also be a charging indicator to show when the module itself is being charged.
  • Form Factor: The module usually comes in a compact form factor, making it easy to carry and incorporate into various projects.

Package Included:

1x 5V 2A DIY Power Bank Module with Display and Emergency Light Points

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