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6 x 6 x 6mm 4 Pin Dip Tactile Momentary Push Button Switch



The “6 x 6 x 6mm 4-pin DIP tactile momentary push button switch” is a compact electronic component used in various electronic devices and circuits for user input.


The “6 x 6 x 6mm 4 Pin DIP Tactile Momentary Push Button Switch” comes with several distinctive features that make it a valuable component in electronic applications. Here are some of its notable features:

  1. Compact Size: The switch’s dimensions of 6mm x 6mm x 6mm make it incredibly compact. This small size is advantageous for applications where space is limited, allowing for efficient integration into various electronic devices and circuits.
  2. DIP Package: Designed in a dual in-line package (DIP) configuration, the switch is easy to mount onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). The DIP layout simplifies the soldering process and ensures secure connections.
  3. Tactile Feedback: The switch provides tactile feedback when pressed, emitting a noticeable “click” sensation. This tactile response confirms to users that the switch has been successfully actuated, enhancing user experience and usability.
  4. Momentary Operation: The switch is of the momentary type, which means it only changes its state temporarily while being pressed. When the pressure is released, it returns to its original state. This behavior is ideal for applications requiring transient switch actions.
  5. Push Button Design: The switch is designed as a push button, requiring physical pressure to activate. This type of design is intuitive for users and is commonly used in a wide range of devices where momentary input is needed
  6. Four Pins: The switch features a total of four pins, making electrical connections for power input and output. These pins facilitate integration into an electronic circuit and enable the switch’s functionality.


  1. Dimensions: 6mm x 6mm x 6mm (Length x Width x Height)
  2. Package Type: Dual In-line Package (DIP)
  3. Number of Pins: 4 pins
  4. Switch Type: Momentary (Normally Open)
  5. Actuation Force: Typically, around 160 to 260 grams-force (gf)
  6. Contact Rating: Generally, up to 50 mA at 12 V DC

packages include:

1 x 6x6x6mm 4 Pin DIP Tactile Momentary Push Button Switch


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