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8 Mm Hose Connector Plastic Joint For Low Pressure l Type Mist Cooling Nozzle



  1. Size: This connector has an 8mm diameter opening, which is designed to fit an 8mm hose or tubing. The 8mm size is common for misting systems.

  2. Material: It is made of plastic, which is chosen for its durability and resistance to outdoor environmental conditions. The plastic material is typically corrosion-resistant.

  3. Connector Type: It is an L-Type connector, meaning it is shaped like the letter “L.” This design allows for easy attachment to hoses or tubing, and it provides a right-angle connection, which can be useful for routing the misting system in tight spaces or corners.

  4. Hose Attachment: One end of the connector is designed to securely attach to an 8mm hose or tubing. It may have barbed or threaded fittings to ensure a tight and leak-free connection.

  5. Nozzle Compatibility: This connector is specifically designed for low-pressure misting systems. It is used to connect the hose to misting nozzles, which emit a fine mist of water when pressurized. The connector allows for a secure and leak-proof connection between the hose and the nozzle.

  6. Misting System Applications: It is commonly used in outdoor cooling systems, where the misting nozzles create a cooling effect by evaporating water into fine mist droplets. It can also be used in agricultural settings, greenhouses, or industrial applications where humidity control or dust suppression is required.

  7. Ease of Installation: The design of this connector makes it relatively easy to install, even for users without extensive plumbing or misting system expertise.

  8. Low-Pressure Compatibility: It is important to note that this connector is suitable for low-pressure misting systems. High-pressure misting systems typically require different connectors and components due to the higher pressure involved.

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