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Ad620 Instrumentation Amplifier Module In Pakistan



High precision UV / mV voltage AMPLIFIER precision signal amplifier small signal transmitter AD620 Using AD620 as the main amplifier, you can amplify the voltage UV, mV. Increase 1,5-10000, adjustable.High precision, low displacement, better linearity. Adjustable zero to improve accuracy. It can be used for AC, DC signal amplification. Use of the module, need to have some electronic basis, if there is no basis for customers, purchase carefully, purchase to provide technical support.


  1. wide range of supply voltage, the AD620 amplification of this product can be amplified to microvolts, millivolts, compared to the LM358 amplification accuracy, better linearity, the maximum voltage output range of ± 10V.
  2.  Increasing range, an increase of up to 1000 ti2mes, only through a potentiometer can be adjusted.
  3.  Adjustable zero through the zero potentiometers to adjust the zero, improve the accuracy, there will be no zero drift phenomenon to meet the customer’s needs.
  4.  a negative voltage output, the module uses a negative chip output voltage of 7660A (-entry), can be provided to the customer to drive another dual-energy charge.
  5.  Mini type, 32 * 22mm size, evenly distributed around the four 3mm positioning holes, both sides of the standard 2.54mm pitch port.


  • Input voltage: 3-12 VDC. (Buying in bulk can be customized)
  • Increase: 1.5-1000 times adjustable, zero adjustable
  • Signal input voltage: 100uV-300mV
  • Signal output range: ± (Vin-2V)
  • Negative voltage output: greater than the input. As the problem of the output resistance of the negative voltage chip, the actual output is higher than the input, the higher the load power, the higher the negative voltage drop.
  • Displacement voltage: 50μV.
  • Input bias current: 1.0nA (max.).
  • Common mode rejection ratio: 100 dB
  • Travel voltage deviation: 0.6 μV / ° (maximum).
  • Stability: 2μV / month maximum

Package Include:

1XAD620 Micro volt Millivolt Transmitter Voltage Amplifier Small Signal Instrumentation

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