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5mm 5 Meter Transparent Adhesive Double Sided Tape For Mobile Lcd & Touch Screen



Adhesive Double Sided Tape For Mobile LCD & Touch Screen adhesive sticky very thin. Adhesive Double Sided Tape clear double-sided tape is a double-coated film, consisting of an acrylic adhesive with extremely high adhesion power and high instant tack, coated on a transparent polyester carrier. Light and moisture resistant. Permanently bonds plastics and metals. Replaces epoxies and other adhesives. A clean, dry surface is required for maximum bond strength. Tape bonds immediately with full bond strength reached in 24 hours. Based on pet substrate, two-sided uniform coating elastic body pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-based pressure-sensitive adhesives, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, the rolls or sheets of adhesive tape is made on a pet substrate from the substrate, adhesives, isolation paper (film) parts.

Features of Adhesive Double Sided Tape For Mobile LCD & Touch Screen:

  • Economical and simple to apply.
  • Excellent sealing and high viscosity.
  • Untearable, shockproof.
  • Waterproof, heat-Resistant.
  • In the curved surface has good submissive.
  • Ultra-thin and ultra-powerful stickiness.
  • Suitable for repairing mobile phone such as LCD touch panel, stick shell, screen, flex cable and so on.

Specifications of Adhesive Double Sided Tape For Mobile LCD & Touch Screen:

  1. Short Time Temp Resistant:120 centigrade degree
  2. Long Time Temp Resistant: 80 centigrade degree
  3. Material: PET
  4. Colour: Red
  5. Width(mm): 3
  6. Total Length: 5m
  7. Adhesive: Acrylic
  8. Waterproof: Yes



Package Includes:

1 x Adhesive Double Sided Tape For Mobile LCD & Touch Screen

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