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Battery Charger With Discharge Function For Aa, Aaa, 9v Dc 20ma Rechargeable Batteries



This battery charger is designed for the efficient charging and discharging of rechargeable batteries with a DC 20mA output. It is compatible with AA, AAA, and 9V rechargeable batteries, making it suitable for a variety of common household devices and gadgets.


  1. Compatibility: This charger is designed to work with AA, AAA, and 9V DC 20mA rechargeable batteries, which are commonly used in remote controls, flashlights, wireless devices, and more.
  2. Charge Function: It can charge your rechargeable batteries efficiently, ensuring they are ready for use when needed.
  3. Discharge Function: The discharge function helps condition and refresh rechargeable batteries, preventing memory effect in Ni-CD batteries and optimizing the performance and lifespan of Ni-MH batteries.
  4. Individual Charging Slots: The charger typically features separate charging slots for AA, AAA, and 9V batteries, allowing you to charge different sizes simultaneously.
  5. LED Indicators: LED indicators provide visual feedback on the charging and discharging status of each battery slot.
  6. Safety Features: It may include safety features like overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  7. Automatic Shut-Off: The charger is likely to have an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overcharging or over-discharging, which can damage batteries.
  8. Compact Design: It is designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to carry and store.


  • Input Voltage: Typically, it operates on standard AC power, with an input voltage range of 100-240V. Some models may offer additional DC power options, such as a car adaptor.
  • Output Current: This charger has a fixed output current of 20mA for charging and discharging.
  • Compatibility: Designed for AA, AAA, and 9V DC 20mA rechargeable batteries.
  • Number of Slots: The charger may feature multiple slots for charging and discharging batteries simultaneously, usually with separate slots for different battery sizes.
  • LED Indicators: LED indicators show the charging and discharging status, as well as any errors or issues.
  • Safety Features: It includes safety mechanisms like overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions can vary, but it is typically designed to be compact and portable for convenience.

When selecting a charger for your specific needs, be sure to check the product specifications provided by the manufacturer and consider factors like the number of batteries you need to charge, the type of rechargeable batteries you use, and any additional features you may require for your charging and discharging needs.

 Package include:

1x Battery Charger With Discharge Function for AA, AAA, 9V DC 20mA Rechargeable Batteries 

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