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The pocket-sized computer transforming the world!

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The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer designed to inspire every child to create their best digital future. The micro:bit device is a multi-functional tool that works in lots of different ways when programmed to do so.
Through the micro:bit, children are encouraged to explore their ideas while using real code and real computational thinking – as a tool, it makes coding fun.
Through harnessing both the hardware and software, it helps grow children’s computing knowledge and provides a practical purpose to their learning.
The device lets children discover that what they do on-screen has a direct impact on the micro:bit hardware in their hand – they quickly learn that they can control the design and application of technology in their world.
Ease and friendliness are key features of the micro:bit, with children being able to program via web based browsers on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS. Plus there are available apps for mobile devices.

Overview at a glance

microbit, micro:bit, education, pocket sized computer, coding, home larning

Explore the many features of the micro:bit!

The micro:bit has many built-in features, so you can code awesome stuff – the possibilities are endless!
The micro:bit has the following physical features:
  • 25 LED lights
  • 2 programmable buttons
  • Motion sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Compass
  • Radio and Bluetooth wireless communications
  • 5 crocodile-clip pins
  • Expansion edge connector
  • USB or battery powered
bbc micro:bit, microbit, education, coding, home schooling, self-coding, pocket sized computer


It’s really simple to get started with the BBC micro:bit.
microbit, micro:bit, bbc micro:bit, education, coding, home learning, home schooling


Learn computer coding with Scratch, Microsoft MakeCode, Python, Swift Playgrounds and other programming languages.
micro:bit, microbit, education, coding, self-coding, home schooling micro:bit, microbit, bbc microbit, education, schooling, coding, home learning micro:bit, microbit, bbc microbit, education, schooling, coding, home learning
micro:bit micro:bit go micro:bit club
micro:bit 1 1 10
USB cable 1 10
Battery holder 1 10
AAA batteries 2 20
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