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Blue 1m Solderable Wire Hard Wires For Wiring Jumper Wire Wiring Cable



  1. Blue 1M: This suggests that the wire comes in a length of 1 meter. The “Blue” likely refers to the color of the wire insulation, indicating its appearance.

  2. Solderable Wire: This means the wire is designed to be soldered, which is a process of joining two electrical components using molten metal (solder) to create a secure electrical connection.

  3. Hard Wires: “Hard wires” could imply that the wires have a solid core, as opposed to stranded wires. Solid-core wires are less flexible but provide a consistent and stable electrical connection.

  4. Wiring Jumper Wire: “Jumper wire” usually refers to a short, insulated wire used to make temporary connections on a breadboard or other prototyping platforms.

  5. Wiring Cable: This term is likely used to emphasize that the product is a cable used for electrical wiring purposes.

Combining these aspects, the product seems to be a 1-meter-long, blue-colored, solderable wire with a solid core, designed for wiring, jumper wire applications, or electrical connections. It could be used in various electronic projects, prototyping, or repair work where a reliable and secure electrical connection is needed.

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