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Boost Module 15a 400w Dc-dc Step-up Boost Converter Module



400W 15A Step-up Boost Converter Constant Current 8.5-50V to 10-60V Voltage Charger DC-DC Step Up Module


  • Suitable for various electric equipment, digital products, and laptops.
  • Equipped with screw terminals for easy wire connection/disconnection.
  • High efficiency up to 96%, dependent on input/output voltage, current, and voltage difference.
  • Enhanced heat dissipation with two built-in heat sinks.
  • Versatile application as a driver for high-power LED lights or a voltage regulator for solar panels.

Output Voltage/Current Adjustment:

  1. Use the “CV-ADJ” potentiometer:
    • Clockwise to reduce voltage.
    • Counterclockwise to increase voltage.
  2. Adjust the “CC-ADJ” potentiometer:
    • Rotate counterclockwise about 30 circles before connecting to load (clockwise to increase current, counterclockwise to reduce current).
    • For battery charging, connect after the battery fully discharges to optimize charging efficiency.


  • Type: Non-isolated boost module
  • Input Voltage: DC 8.5V to 50V
  • Output Voltage: DC 10V to 60V (adjustable, default 19V)
  • Max. Input Current: 15A (enhance heat dissipation if > 8A)
  • Max. Output Current: 12A (varies with input/output voltage difference; enhance heat dissipation > 7A)
  • Quiescent Current: 10mA (increases when converting 12V to 20V)
  • Constant Current Range: 0.2A to 12A
  • Output Power = Input Voltage * Current
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 85° (enhance heat dissipation if too high)
  • Frequency: 150KHz
  • Max. Conversion Efficiency: 96%
  • Over Current Protection: Yes (automatic voltage reduction if input > 15A)
  • Reverse Input Protection: No
  • Size: 6.7×4.7×2.7cm / 2.64×1.85×1.06inch
  1. DIY power supply (12V input, 12-50V adjustable output).
  2. Electronic device power supply (adjustable output).
  3. Car power supply for laptops, PDAs, or digital products.
  4. Mobile notebook power supply using 12V with a high-capacity lithium battery pack.
  5. Solar panel regulator.
  6. Rechargeable lithium battery charging.
  7. Driving high-power LED lights.
Package Includes:
  • 1 x DC 400W 15A Step-up Boost Converter

Boost Module, 15a 400w Dc-dc Step-up Converter Module

Boost Module, 15a 400w Dc-dc Step-up Converter Module

Boost Module, 15a 400w Dc-dc Step-up Converter Module

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