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Bx-u2l P10 Led Signs Control Card, P10 Display Module Control Card, Single & Double Color Advertising Led Panel Controller



BX-U2L P10 led signs control card, P10 Display module control card, Single&double color advertising led panel Controller:

X-U2L(USB) Single&double color P10 LED Display control card:



X-U2L upload program by USB, easy and convenient, free wiring. widely used in all kinds of LED lintel screen.

USB on board,USB transmit distance≤12 meters;

Good compatibility, strong recognition capability to all kinds of USB driver;

Setup screen parameters/setup scan mode/update program/time correction/adjust the brightness/timing switch

⑴ Strong software function, easy to use
⑵High brightness, big control size, fast communication speed
⑶ High freshmen, stable and smoothly moving;
⑷ Multi-area linkage precise algorithm
⑸Support update firmware online
⑹ All BX-5 series support temperature/temp&humidity sensor, support IR /button select program.BX-5E support noise sensor
⑺ Support area border, animation text, colorful background, IR control, one frame, text animation, , breakpoint relay, super large control size, full color grayscale, wireless  cluster.
⑻ BX-5E series support super length and super height screen size
⑼ BX-5K supply open protocol , special applicate in the  industrial field, equipment support, bus display, intelligent station card and cluster display system


2. Stable
⑴ resistant to harsh environments.3.5V-6V wide working voltage ; working temeprature is – 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
⑵ Anti-static design of serial port makes communication more stable
⑶ It supports server mode and Internet transmission and is highly adaptable to complex network environments.L long time no power down stable communication
⑷ Strong reading ability
⑸ WIFI onboard antenna signal is strong, the communication speed is fast

1. X series launched into the market at 2018, best performance and good quality
⑴ Match with mperature sensor, temperature and humidity sensor,  brightness sensor on board
⑵ X series  are made of plastic shell and bracket package, flame retardant, environmental protection, anti-static, high temperature resistant
⑶ X series  antenna has strong wifi signal and fast communication speed


2. LedshowTW2018 is more powerful
⑴ Support domestic and international weather forecasts
⑵ The all-powerful editor can easily support arbitrary typesetting rules in Mongolian, Hebrew, Arabic,  easy to make the vertical font


BX-5 series products have the advantages in  large LED cluster display system and customized development projects!
BX-5 series products with its excellent quality and excellent performance demonstrated the technology “passion   innovation perfect definition ” product concept!


Technical parameter


Launched into market in Sept 2018

Control size

Single color 16K1024*16512*32           

Dual color 16K512*32256*32




Software function

Software function

group sending/multi-program edit/multi-area display/multi-lanuage version

Program quantity

Support 128 programs

Area quantity

Each program maximum support 8 areas

Area type

Weather/Image&text//subtitle/animation /lunar/ time/dial/timer/sensor areas


Program shine border /Area shine border


Lunar /Dial/ Chinese and English clock/timer (all support multi-groups)



Module compatibility


Support all kinds of single/dual color LED modules

Column driving IC

Support 74HC595, SM16188, etc, those mainstream LED driving chip

Row decoding IC

Support 74HC138 and the modules without row coding

Scan mode

Support static1/21/41/81/16




1 nos T8+2 nos T12




Important functions


Support select program/lock screen/brightness adjustment/power on & off/screen test


Support temperature, temp&humidity brightness sensor

Brightness adjust

16 grade brightness, support manual /timing/auto adjust mode

Remote swith

Support auto timing switch, software/remote switch

Any layout

Support arbitrary typesetting rules in Mongolian, Hebrew, Arabic, etc, easy to make the vertical font


System update and maintenance

Firmware update

Support firmware update online cost efficient


Electronic parameters

Working voltage

5V3.5V6V wide working voltage)

Max power


Working temperature




PC software




 Software download link:



















Notes: Because of the update, the actual functions and parameters may have some differences with the one on the website.





BX-5UL This is a very advantage control card,For maximum control area:Width is 10pcs single color P10 module,    Height is 1 pcs module.(   Single color 10K   640*16; or 320 pixel * 32pixel)




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