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Dc 10-60v 20a Pwm Universal Motor Speed Controller Regulator



DC 10-60V 20A PWM Control the speed of a DC motor with this controller. High efficiency, high torque, low heat generating. With reverse polarity protection, high current protection. This engine speed control switch can control the engine speed from 0%-100%. It is widely used in industrial production. Comes with a button to control the speed of the motor. Easy to handle!

PWM full name: Pulse WidthModulator, referred to PWM. Because of its special properties, often used as a DC circuit lighting dimmer or DC motor speed. This circuit is the use of pulse width modulation (PWM) principle of making the motor controller. Adopt the ways to control the motor speed has two advantages:

  1. It is primarily by changing the duty cycle of the output square wave, such that the average load on the on-time changes from 0-100%, to achieve the purpose of adjusting the brightness of the load / speed. The use of pulse width modulation (PWM) mode to achieve the benefits of dimming / governor’s energy supply can be fully utilized, the high efficiency of the circuit. For example: When the output is 50% of the square wave, pulse-width modulation (PWM) power supply circuit are consumed energy is 50%, that is, almost all the energy is converted to a load power output. The use of a common resistance when the buck converter, the power to make the load to get the maximum output power of 50% of the power supply must provide more than 71% of the output power, of which 21% is consumed in the resistor voltage drop and heat dissipation.

   2. The use of pulse width modulation (PWM) mode allows the load to get the full supply voltage at work, this will help to overcome the inherent motor winding resistance leaving the motor produce more torque.


  • Working Voltage: DC 10V – 60V
  • Control Power: 0.01-1200W
  • Static Current: 0.010A (Standby)
  • Rated Current: 15A
  • Max.Current: 20A
  • PWM Duty Cycle: 0% -100%
  • PWM Frequency: 25 KHz
  • Control Voltage: 0-5V
    • Potentiometer kind: Single turn
    • Resistance: 10kΩ
    • Power: 125mW
    • Mounting: On cable
    • Characteristics: Linear
    • Body material: Metal
    • Mechanical rotation angle: 300°
    • Max. operating voltage: 200V
  • Material: Plastic, metal
  • Module Size: 77x45x29mm


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Dc 10-60v 20a Pwm Universal Motor Speed Controller Regulator

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