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X9c104 100k Digital Potentiometer Module Controllable Resistor For Arduino



The X9C104 digital potentiometer module helps you simulate the mechanical control of a potentiometer. The integrated circuit contains 99 series-related resistors. With a microcontroller, you can control the 100K Potentiometer module and selected the place where the center pin of the “potentiometer” is connected, anywhere in the 100 points available(at the ends of the group or between the resistor). The X9C104 potentiometer consists of inserting a hundred resistors with a 1K ohm value. With the pins we can select the number of resistors we want, so we can digitally vary the resistance of the potentiometer. <span title="Dispozitivul disipă o putere de 10mW și suportă prin rezistențe un curent maxim de 4.4 mA.

“>The Programmable Resistor device dissipates a power of 10 mW and supports resistors with a maximum current of 4.4 mA.<span title="Acest modul are aplicații variate, putând fi folosit ca divizor rezistiv, rezistență variabilă, acestea fiind folosite în diferite scheme cu amplificatoare operaționale sau alte circuite analogice.

“> This module has varied applications, can be used as a resistive divider, variable resistance, these are used in different schemes with operational amplifiers or other analog circuits.

Features Of Digitally Controlled Potentiometer X9C104:

  • Solid-State Potentiometer
  • Three-Wire Serial Interface
  • 99 Resistive Elements
  • Low Power CMOS
  • High Reliability

Specifications Of X9C104 Digital 100K Controllable Potentiometer:

  1. Operating Voltage:5V
  2. Total resistance:100K ohm
  3. Port voltage:-5V~5V
  4. Taps:100
  5. Interface: CS, U/D, INC
  6. Resistance increase mode: Linear
  7. Working current:3mA


 Pins Description:

  • VCC – 5V supply
  • INC – changes the number of resistors in series, corresponding to the variable terminal mechanical potentiometer. INC fronts negative terminal detects signals. To increment or decrement must alternate signal INC (toggle) direction of the terminal variable is given by U / D
  • U / D – control the direction of travel of the terminal variable (Up / Down)
  • RH / RL – equivalent terminals are fixed terminals of a mechanical potentiometer. If potentiometer X9C104 between them will be a constant resistance of 100 delivery. If you need another order of magnitude for this resistance potentiometer can use another family X9C as 102, 103 or 503
  • RW – equivalent terminal variable terminal mechanical potentiometer
  • CS – chip select – to activate / deactivate the module

Package Include:

  • 1 x X9C104 Digital Potentiometer

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X9c104 100k Digital Potentiometer Module Controllable

X9c104 100k Digital Potentiometer Module Controllable

X9c104 100k Digital Potentiometer Module Controllable






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