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Dual Dc Motor Drive Module 7a 160w Industrial Grade Positive And Negative Pwm Speed Regulation L298 Logic



Double H bridge, can drive two DC motors at the same time, single 7A high power; wide voltage6.5V ~27V; optocoupler isolated input signal; with isolation and Undervoltage protection; comply with EMC EMC design specifications, static discharge circuit, stable and reliable, industrial-grade


  1.  Double H bridge, which can drive two DC motors at the same time, single 7A current, high power;
  2. Wide voltage input 6.5V ~ 27V ;
  3. Signal optocoupler isolated input, can be directly controlled by IO port, free from interference;
  4. Undervoltage protection to prevent instantaneous high current burning of the module;
  5.  High-power TVS and electrostatic bleeder circuit, which suppresses transient interference pulse and static electricity, enhances EMC performance and is stable and reliable, industrial-grade design.  

Product Parameters:

  1.  The power supply voltage is 6.5V-27V. The power supply must not be connected or exceed 27V. Otherwise, the module may be burned out. It is recommended to connect the 15A fuse in series with the power input.
  2. Two-way motor interface, each rated output current is 7A, Peak current is 50A, and the motor interface must not be short-circuited. It is recommended to connect 10A fuses in series.
  3. The control signal voltage is 3-6.5V, which is the enable signal and the forward and reverse control signals, respectively.
  4. Enable signal terminal (ENA) input PWM adjustable speed, PWM frequency range 0-10KHZ, PWM minimum pulse width 10us.
  5. Working temperature -25 ° C -80 ° C.
  6. Mounting hole diameter: 3mm, pay attention to the prevent short circuit of the back circuit during installation, you can add insulation pad or copper column to raise the circuit board.

Suitable for motor parameters :

  • For motors with rated voltage of 24V, it is suitable to identify the rated power of 115W and below or the rated current of 7A or less.
  • For motors with rated voltage of 12V, it is suitable to identify the rated power of 40W and below or the rated current of 7A or less.


  • The driver power supply must not be reversed. It is recommended to connect the 15A fuse in series at the power interface. The voltage should be between6.5 and 27V. If the voltage is overvoltage, powering up may burn the drive module. 
  • It is recommended that the rated output current of the power supply be more than 2 times of the rated current of the motor , so as not to cause the power supply to supply the current required by the motor to cause the power supply voltage to drop, so that the power supply voltage does not reach the input voltage required by the driver, so that the drive module performs Undervoltage protection. The broken output causes the motor to stall.
  • The motor interface must not be short-circuited, otherwise, the drive module may be burned. It is recommended to connect the 10A fuse at the motor interface.
  • In the forward and reverse switching, you need to brake for more than 0.1Sand then reverse. It can’t be reversed when the motor has not stopped. Otherwise, the drive may be damaged. 
  • When the drive module is powered down, do not rotate the motor directly or indirectly at high speed, otherwise, the electromotive force generated by the motor may burn the drive module. If the application needs to rotate the motor at high speed when the drive module is powered down, it is recommended to connect a relay (the NO and COM terminals are connected in series) to the motor interface of the drive. The relay coil and the driver are connected to the power supply. Thus, when the power supply is powered down, the relay disconnects the drive from the motor.
  • Be careful not to get wet of the drive. Do not short-circuit the components on the drive board. Do not touch the pins and pads of the components on the board.

Package Include:

1XDual DC Motor Drive Module 7A 160W  High Power Industrial Grade Positive And Negative PWM Speed Regulation L298 Logic


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