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Finder Relay 220vac 60.12 With 8pin Rail-mount Relay Socket Relay Base



FINDER 220VAC RELAY 60.12 (8 PIN) is an electromagnetic Relay. This 60 series relay has 2CO (DPDT) cadmium-free Agni contacts. Mini Electromagnetic Relay has AC and DC coils. It has a Lockable test button with a mechanical flag. The dual-purpose Finder test button can be used in two ways:

Case1: The plastic pip (located directly above the test button) remains intact. In this case, when the test button is pushed, the contacts operate. When the test button is released the contacts return to their former state.

Case2: The plastic pip is broken-off (using an appropriate cutting tool). In this case, (in addition to the above function), when the test button is pushed and rotated, the contacts are latched in the operating state and remain so until the test button is rotated back to its former position. In both cases ensure that the test button actuation is swift and decisive

This Finder latching Relay comes with an 8pin Rail-Mount Relay Socket Relay Base

Features Of Mini Electromagnetic Finder Relay 220VAC 60.12 And PVC Base:

  • 2 & 3 pole changeover contacts
  • Cadmium Free contacts (preferred version)
  • AC coils & DC coils
  • UL Listing (certain relay/socket combinations)
  • Contact material options
  • Lockable test button with a mechanical flag
  • 90 series sockets
  • Coil EMC suppression
  • Timer accessories 86 series
  • Socket base has screw fixed Holes

Specifications Of General Purpose 220VAC With 8 PINs Relay Socket Base:

  1. Type of relay: electromagnetic
  2. AC contacts rating (at resistance load) : 10 A / 250 VAC
  3. DC contacts rating (at resistance load) : 10 A / 30 VDC
  4. Contact current max. : 10A
  5. Relay variant: Industrial
  6. Mounting: Socket
  7. Relay series: 60.12
  8. Relay dimensions : 36.4 x 32.5 x 54.2mm
  9. Coil resistance: 445Ω
  10. Coil Current: 53.9mA
  11. Contact material: Agni
  12. Coil power consumption: 1.3W
  13. Number of pins of the relay: 8
  14. Base pins: 8
  15. Base Mount: DIN mount, screw
  16. Base Inner: Copper

Package Include:

  • 1 x Finder Relay
  • 1 x Relay base

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