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80 Eggs Rolling Tray For Incubator With 220v Motor




Imported 80 Eggs Tray Introduction:

Eggs must be turned at least 2-3 times daily during the incubation period. Many experts say if you can turn them 4-5 times a day it is even better.  Do not turn eggs during the last three days with before hatching. The embryos are moving into hatching position and need no turning. Keep the incubator closed during hatching to maintain proper temperature and humidity. If you are using an automatic egg turner, then that will take care of the turning for you.  Just be sure to remove them from the turner and lay them on the floor of the incubator (most come with a wire floor) three days before hatch.

If you do not have an automatic egg turner, the eggs are set in the incubator horizontally with the large end slightly elevated. This is the way eggs naturally settle when placed on their sides. This enables the embryo to remain oriented in a proper position for hatching. Never set eggs with the small end upward.

When the eggs are turned by hand, it may be helpful to place an “X” on one side of each egg and an “O” on the other side, using a pencil. This serves as an aide to determine whether all eggs are turned. When turning, be sure your hands are free of all greasy or dusty substances. Eggs soiled with oils suffer from reduced hatchability. Take extra precautions when turning eggs during the first week of incubation. The developing embryos have delicate blood vessels that rupture easily when severely jarred or shaken, so take care to handle the eggs carefully. Turn the eggs until three days before they are due to hatch.

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Material: ABS & Nylon
Color: Blue
Size:18.15inch x 18.5inch
Motor: 220V-240V(1.5-2r/min)
Temperature Adjust Accuracy:±0.1°

Features of Imported 80 Eggs Tray

For all kinds of eggs
Chicken eggs:1-64
Dove eggs:1-80
Goose eggs:1-28
Duck eggs:1-48

Brand New and high quality.

Made of plastic material,durable and environmental protection.
Suitable for chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail.
Help accelerate hatching eggs as soon as possible.
Incubator essential for accessories.
Easy to disassembly and assembly,do not worry about operating.
Enjoy your shopping time.

Package included:

1 X Egg Tray 

80 Eggs Rolling Tray For Incubator With 220v Motor

80 Eggs Rolling Tray For Incubator With 220v Motor

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