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J5019 Hw 357: Versatile Li-ion Charger And Boost Module For a Wide Range Of Applications



Elevate your battery charging and power supply capabilities with the J5019 HW 357, a highly versatile Li-Ion charger and boost module that caters to a diverse range of applications. This compact and efficient module combines a TP4056 Li-Ion battery charging circuit with an MT3608 boost converter, offering seamless charging and voltage boosting solutions.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Battery Charging: Effectively charge single-cell Li-Ion batteries with adjustable charging current up to 2A.

  • Powerful Boost Converter: Step up the voltage from a 3.7V Li-Ion battery to an adjustable output of up to 28V, providing power for various devices.

  • Compact and Efficient: The compact design and high efficiency make it ideal for portable applications.

  • Wide Applications: Suitable for charging single-cell Li-Ion batteries, powering small devices, driving LEDs, and more.


  • Input voltage: 4.5-8V DC
  • Output voltage: 4.3-27V DC (Continuously adjustable)
  • Charging voltage: 4.2V DC
  • Charging current: Max. 1A
  • Discharging current: Max. 2A
  • Size: 3.3×2.3cm/1.3×0.91″

Order Your J5019 HW 357 Today:

Experience the versatility and convenience of the J5019 HW 357 and enhance your battery charging and power supply capabilities. Order yours today from Digilog.pk, your trusted source for electronics and accessories in Pakistan.


Micro USB 3.7V 18650 Lithium Li-ion Battery Charger Module Boost Step up 5v  12v | eBay

Package Include:

  • 1 X J5019 HW 357





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