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40mm Kapton Tape Polyimide Heat Resistant Tape



This is 40mm Size Kapton Tape also called Heat Resistant Tape and available in hallroad.org. You can buy 40mm Kapton Tape and delivery all over the pakistan. Tjos os Hheat-resistant polyimide tape with good insulating properties. The tape can withstand temperatures up to 258°C. Also protects agains corrosion. Adhesion is maintained throughout the temperature range. Kapton tape is commonly used as a wire and cable wrap as well as to protect electrical components during soldering. It is effective for both hand-soldering and mass soldering applications, such as wave soldering. In the electronics industry, Kapton tape is applied to circuit boards before wave soldering to shield gold fingers from the solder material and prevent unwanted electrical connections. The tape is also easy to trim with a razor blade and can be used as a temporary dust cover for ports in devices. Polyimide tape, also known as KAPTON tape, commonly known as high-temperature tape, finger tape, is a polyimide film as a base material, the use of imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Specifications Of 40mm Kapton Tape:

  1. Substrate (Backing): 0.025MM polyimide film
  2. Adhesive ( Coefficient of the Tape ): Silicone
  3. Tensile strength ( tensile strength ): ≥ 140 N / 25mm
  4. Elongation at break ( Elongation ): ≥ 40 %
  5. Breakdown strength ( Breakdown strength ) : ≥ 150 N / 25mm
  6. Withstand voltage ( Withstand Voltage ): 5 KV
  7. 180 0 peel force ( Adhesion ) : 5-6 N / 25mm

Applications Of 40mm Kapton Tape:

  1.  PCB board finger temperature spray masking
  2.  Circuit board solder masking
  3.  High-temperature insulation transformer coil banding
  4.  Phone lithium battery manufacturing strapping
  5.  Heater fixing
  6.  Motor insulation

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Package Includes:

  1x Kapton Polyimide Tape High-Temperature Heat Resistant 40MM

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