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Mcp2515 Can-bus Controller And Transceiver Module



Modern cars may have up to 100 sensor for control and monitoring . With more and more features being added to cars like autonomous driving, airbag systems, smart car systems, sensors units continue to increase. With sensor units delivering important information like speed and etc, any miscommunication or loss of data could lead to fatal accidents. Thus, simple communication protocols like UART, I2C, SPI, are not suitable because they are not as reliable as CAN communication.  

The MCP2515 CAN Bus interface module include both CAN Bus controller (MCP2515) and CAN Bus transceiver (TJA1050). Therefore you can use this module to connect any CAN device (like OBD II system in your car) to any microcontroller (like Arduino, STM, TIVA C) without warring about if the microcontroller support the CAN Bus protocol or not. 


Features of MCP2515 CAN-BUS Controller and Transceiver Module:

  1. CAN-BUS Control: Enables communication via the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol, commonly used in automotive and industrial applications.
  2. Transceiver Integration: Combines both the CAN controller and transceiver in a single module, simplifying connectivity and reducing external components.
  3. SPI Interface: Utilizes the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for seamless communication with microcontrollers and other devices.
  4. Extended Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers and embedded systems.
  5. High-Speed Capability: Supports CAN-BUS communication speeds of up to 1 MBPs, facilitating rapid data transmission.
  6. Multiple Modes: Offers configurable operating modes, including Normal, Sleep, and Listen-Only modes for versatility in various applications.
  7. Error Handling: Implements error detection and reporting mechanisms, enhancing data reliability in the CAN network

Specification :

    • Interface: SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) for communication with microcontrollers.
    • CAN Protocol:Complies with CAN 2.0B and CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate) specifications.
    • Supply Voltage:Typically operates at 5V, with compatibility for 3.3V systems.
    • Operating Temperature:Suitable for a range of industrial and automotive temperatures.
    • Dimensions:Compact form factor for easy integration into electronic designs.
    • Transceiver:Integrated transceiver for connecting to the CAN network.
    • Fault Tolerance:Supports error detection and management for robust data communication.
    • Applications:Commonly used in automotive diagnostics, industrial automation, and other CAN-based communication systems.

    Compatibility: Works with various microcontrollers and development platforms.

Package include:

1x MCP2515 CAN-BUS Controller and Transceiver Module

Mcp2515 Can-bus Controller And Transceiver Module

Mcp2515 Can-bus Controller And Transceiver Module

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