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Ml-258 Tf-m10 Led Digital 7 Segment Tester.



Led light test equipment case led test box lcd backlight display tool easy to use TF-M10

LED digital tube series of products lit,

Single point single eight light,

QC sampling,

Brightness contrast,

Light leakage detection,

Customer display,

Product aging,

Easy to carry,

Charge once can be continuous for eight hours.

First, the product description:

1, product model: ML-258

2, Dimensions: 120 * 76 * 23mm

3, ML-258 portable universal test box using advanced fuzzy recognition technology, with high-precision AD conversion circuit, can automatically detect a variety of LED module lines, and constant current scanning LED module.

4, the test box can replace more than 98% of the special tooling, in many cases can even replace the professional tester (such as foil, check the light leakage, check the brightness chroma uniformity, etc.).

5, widely used in wire test, foil, check the light leakage, check the brightness of the uniformity of color checks, etc., can also be used to show customers, economical and practical.

Second, the main features

1. Intelligent automatic scanning, applicable to all 24PIN within any line LED module, digital tube (VF <3.6V)

2. Automatic identification of lines and pins, without any settings, a button that is full light

3. Group scan light, support three scanning methods (CC, CA, single point), for light leakage and short circuit check

4. Constant current drive, brightness uniformity

5. Built-in lithium battery can work for 6-8 hours or more

6. Lightweight, easy to carry

Third, use

1. LED chip contrast brightness and color

2. LED chip aging experiment

3. LED module foil

4. LED wire bond test

5. LED products

6. LED module light leakage inspection, brightness chroma uniformity check

7. IQC test, aging test

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