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Neocene 2t3542281 Dc Stepper Motor 6.1 Ohm



Neocene 2T3542281 Dc Stepper motor 6.1 ohm

  • Motor Type: DC Stepper Motor – This motor operates on direct current (DC) and is designed to move in discrete steps or increments, making it suitable for applications where precise control of rotation or positioning is required.
  • Model Number: 2T3542281 – This is the unique identifier for this particular stepper motor model.
  • Coil Resistance: 6.1 ohms – The coil resistance of 6.1 ohms indicates the electrical resistance of the motor’s coils. This parameter is important for determining the current requirements and performance characteristics of the motor.
  • Step Angle: The step angle is a crucial specification for stepper motors, but it’s not provided in the given information. The step angle determines how many degrees the motor shaft moves with each step signal. Common step angles for stepper motors are 1.8 degrees (200 steps per revolution) and 0.9 degrees (400 steps per revolution), but there are others as well.
  • Holding Torque: Information about the motor’s holding torque (the amount of torque the motor can exert when stationary and energized) and rated current (the current required to generate that torque) would be essential for understanding its performance capabilities, but these details are not included in the description.
  • Size and Mounting: Information about the physical size and mounting options of the motor, such as NEMA size (a standard for motor frame sizes) or other dimensions, would also be important for determining its compatibility with specific applications.

Package Included:

1x Neocene 2T3542281 Dc Stepper motor 6.1 ohm

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