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Active Piezo Buzzer 3v To 12V Active Buzzer for Arduino



This 3V To 12V Piezo Active Buzzer works great for breadboarding projects since it fits right into a breadboard or paperboard. 3V To 12V Piezo Active Buzzer is a small 12mm round speaker that operates around the audible 2kHz range. You can use these speakers to create simple music or user interfaces. This is not a true piezoelectric speaker but behaves similarly. Instead of a piezoelectric crystal that vibrates with an electric current, this tiny speaker uses an electromagnet to drive a thin metal sheet. That means you need to use some form of alternating current to get sound. The good news is that this speaker is tuned to respond best with a square wave (e.g. from a microcontroller).We have also 3 pins Passive Buzzer, Piezo Passive Buzzer, Piezo Buzzer Alarm Speaker, etc.

Features of 3V To 12V Piezo Active Buzzer:

  • Piezo sounders contain a piezoelectric vibration plate (also known as a piezo element) within a molded case.
  • Sound is emitted when a voltage is applied and the piezo element inside the case vibrates.
  • Piezo buzzers generally use less current.
  • Have a higher sound output and a wider operating voltage.
  • Buzzers and Sounders can also be split into Audio Indicators and Audio Transducers.

Specifications of 3V To 12V Piezo Active Buzzer:

  1. Voltage: 3v~12v
  2. Size: 12MM
  3. Material: COPPER PLATES
  4. Colour: BLACK
  5. Body Material: PLASTIC
  6. Diameter: 10MM
  7. Resonant Frequency (kHz): 4.0±0.5
  8. Shape: ROUND
  9. Sound Output: 80dB
  10. Storage Temperature (℃): -30~+85

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 3V To 12V Piezo Active Buzzer

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Piezo Active Buzzer 3V To 12V


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