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Tsop Sensor 1838 Ir Receiver



The TSOP Sensor 1838 is an infrared (IR) receiver module commonly used in electronic circuits to detect and receive signals from IR remote controls. It is widely employed in applications such as home automation systems, consumer electronics, and various projects that require IR communication.

The TSOP Sensor 1838 is designed to receive signals in the 38 kHz frequency range, which is a standard carrier frequency used by most IR remote controls. The module consists of a photodetector and an integrated circuit (IC) that demodulates the received IR signals.

Key features and components of the TSOP Sensor 1838 include:

  1. Photodetector: This component receives the IR signals transmitted by the remote control and converts them into electrical signals.
  2. Bandpass Filter: The module incorporates a bandpass filter that isolates the 38 kHz carrier frequency, allowing the sensor to specifically detect IR signals in that frequency range.
  3. Demodulator: The integrated circuit demodulates the modulated IR signal, extracting the data encoded in the remote control’s signal.
  4. Output Signal: The TSOP Sensor 1838 provides a digital output signal that reflects the presence or absence of an incoming IR signal.
  5. Sensitivity: The module is designed to be highly sensitive to IR signals, enabling reliable reception even from a distance.
  6. Supply Voltage: It typically operates within a range of 4.5V to 5.5V DC.
  7. Pin Configuration: The sensor has three pins, including VCC (power supply), GND (ground), and OUT (output).

When an IR signal in the 38 kHz frequency range is detected by the TSOP Sensor 1838, it outputs a logic-level signal on the OUT pin, indicating the reception of a valid IR command. This output can then be processed by a microcontroller or other electronic components for further action or decoding.

The TSOP Sensor 1838 is a versatile and commonly used IR receiver module due to its reliability, compatibility with standard IR protocols, and ease of integration into various electronic projects.

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