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Ultrasonic Non Contact Liquid Level Sensor Ds1603da



Non-contact level sensor for non-metallic container wall without direct contact with the liquid will not be corrosive acids such as strong acid and alkali corrosion, free from scale or other debris. intelligent level adjustment and liquid level memory function, liquid level status display, the multi-point series connection can be achieved; Water Level Detector can support RS485 data signal output With the manufacturer’s instructions can be. Detection is accurate and stable, boiling water level can be detected. Contactless water level Switch has pure electronic circuit structure, non-mechanical work, stable performance, and durable life.

Feature Of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor Switch RS485 Signal Output:

  • Realize non-contact detection without touching the liquid to be tested
  • High accuracy, real-time output liquid height value
  • Suitable for liquids of various densities and forms
  • Small size, easy to install, suitable for all kinds of liquid detection occasions
  • Reliable product performance and strong anti-interference ability
  • Suitable for real-time detection of various liquids, especially suitable for detection of liquids that cannot be contacted
  • Widely used in beverage production, household appliances, drinking water equipment, chemical equipment, industrial automation, hazardous liquids in various industries

Specification Of Contactless Ultrasonic Water Level Detector:

  1. Item Type: Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor
  2. Model: DS1603DA V1.0
  3. Working Voltage: DC10-36V
  4. Average Current: <25mA
  5. Blind Zone Distance: ≤50mm
  6. Detection Container Width: 50~2000mm
  7. Work Cycle: 1s
  8. Driving Current: 0.5A
  9. With Liquid Response Time: 2s
  10. No Liquid Response Time: 2s
  11. Probe Center Frequency: 2Mhz
  12. ESD: ±4/±8kv
  13. Output Type: Switching Signal Output
  14. Port Type: 2.54 Terminal Head

Package Include:

  • 1 x Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor DS1603DA

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