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Optical Infrared Water Level Sensor 15mA 5V Water Liquid Control Switch



Water Level Sensor is a combination of one infrared light transmitter and receiver to achieve non-contact liquid level detection. The particular sensor is not equipped with an electronics interface circuit – it merely holds one infrared light-emitting diode and one phototransistor inside its shell. Infrared Water Sensor can measure till 1mm. The Optical Water control switch has an easy mounting method with a locking nut.

Features Of New Optical Infrared Water Liquid Level Sensor:

  • No mechanical moving parts, high reliability
  • High precision level control
  • Meet the safety standard requirements
  • RoHS compliant.
  • The easily mounting method with locking nut.
  • Measurement range:single-point measurements
  • Equipped with 50 cm cable length.

Specifications Of Favorable Water Level Control Switch:

  1. Type: Water Liquid Level Sensor
  2. Measuring accuracy: 1MM
  3. Current output: 15mA
  4. Power voltage: 5V


  • Humidifiers, heaters
  • Pumps, bathtubs, sanitary ware, medical equipment
  • Steam and other level control equipment

Package Include:

  • 1x  Optical Water Level Sensor 15ma 5V Water Liquid Control Switch

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