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3mm Red / Blue Bi Colour Common Anode 3 Pin Diffused 2.1v Led



The “3mm Red / Blue Bi Colour Common Anode 3 Pin Diffused 2.1v LED” is a specific type of light-emitting diode (LED) with several characteristics:

  1. Size: It has a diameter of 3mm, which refers to the size of the LED package.

  2. Color: This LED is bi-color, meaning it can emit two different colors of light: red and blue. The term “Red / Blue” indicates the two available colors.

  3. Common Anode: It is a common anode LED, which means that the anode (the positive terminal) of the two LEDs (red and blue) within the package is connected together. When voltage is applied to this common anode, the LEDs can be controlled independently using the cathodes (negative terminals).

  4. 3 Pin Configuration: This LED has three pins. One pin is for the common anode (positive), and the other two pins are for the individual cathodes (one for red and one for blue). This configuration allows you to control the colors separately.

  5. Diffused: The LED is diffused, which means it has a frosted or cloudy appearance on the outer surface. This diffused lens helps to disperse the emitted light and create a more even and softer glow compared to clear or transparent LEDs.

  6. Voltage: The LED operates at a voltage of 2.1 volts. This is the voltage required to turn on the LED and emit light. It’s important to provide the correct voltage to prevent damage and ensure proper function.

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