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6N137 High Speed Optocoupler



IC, EL 6N137, Optocoupler, DIP8. It is single-channel and it consists of a 850 nm AlGaAS LED, optically coupled to a very high speed integrated photo-detector logic gate with a strobable output. This output features an open collector, thereby permitting wired OR outputs.


  Very high speed – 10 MBit/s 
  Superior CMR – 10 kV/us 
  Logic gate output 
  Strobable output 
  Wired OR-open collector 

6N137 High Speed Optocoupler

Pin Configuration Details 6N137

The pinout diagram of 6N137 is shown here and details of all pins are listed in the table.

6N137 pinout diagram configuration

NCPin 1Pin 1 is a no connection pin, which has no connection with the internal circuit and no usage with external circuit too.
ANODEPin 2Pin 2 is an anode pin used to give the logic input to the IR of the IC, to send the input data through IR transmission.
CATHODEPin 3Pin 3 is a cathode pin of the IR transmitter, mostly used as a common ground with sender circuit.
NCPin 4Pin 4 is also a no connection pin.
GROUNDPin 5Pin 5 is a ground pin for IR receiver within the optocoupler.
V0Pin 6Pin 6 is a logical output pin of 6N137 IC.
VEPin 7Pin 7 is the enable pin, which works with the output. The enable pin will be enabled by default.
VccPin 8Pin 8 is used to powerup the IC.

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