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W3230 Mini Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat Regulator AC110V-220V 20A



W3230 Temperature Controller thermostat The programmable thermostat model W3230 is designed to control temperatures in the range from -50 ° C to + 120 ° C. It can be paired with a heater or cooler. The programmable thermostat is equipped with two three-digit LED displays an LED indicator for switching on the relay three control buttons + a power button connected to an external temperature sensor terminals “”K0 / K1″” for connecting the load and “”VCC / GND”” for powering the thermocontroller module (110-220V AC). The current measured temperature is shown on the LED display.

Preparation for work W3230 Temperature Controller thermostat :

  • Connect a 110-220 VAC power supply to the VCC and GND pins.
  • Connect  the load control through the contacts “”S0″” and “”S1″” (connected to the open circuit of the controlled device power supply (serial connection))
  • After energizing the contacts “”VCC”” and “”GND”” the LED display will show the current temperature measured by the external temperature sensor.
  • Setting and adjusting the set temperature
  • To set the control temperature shortly press the “”SET”” button then use the “”+”” or “”-“” buttons to set the preset temperature and press the “”SET”” button again or do not press any buttons for 5 seconds.
  •  Programming
  • To enter the programming mode hold down the “”SET”” button for 5 seconds then use the “”+”” or “”-“” buttons to select the menu parameter code (P0 … P) from the “”Temperature regulator menu”” table. Further to adjust the parameter press the “”SET”” button and use the “”+”” or “”-“” buttons to change the parameter value. To save the settings press and hold the “”SET”” button or do not press any buttons for 5 seconds.
Parameter code Parameter description Setting range Default
P0 Thermostat operating mode: Cooling / Heating C / N FROM
Р1 Hysteresis ° С 0.1 … 15 2
P2 The upper limit of the maintained temperature setting ° С 120 110
P3 The lower limit for setting the maintained temperature ° С -fifty -fifty
P4 Temperature correction ° С -7 … + 7 0
P5 Delay of relay activation time (may differ from the selected one within ± 50%) min. 0 … 10 0
P6 Upper limit of shutdown temperature (overheating protection) ° С OFF or ON (at ON from 0 ° С to 110 ° С) OFF
P7 Locking settings OFF or ON (when ON you cannot change the settings until you set P7 to OFF) OFF
P8 Restoring factory settings OFF or ON OFF


LED display shows the following values: “”LLL”” – sensor not connected “”HHN”” – temperature out of range (less than -50 ° C or more than 120 ° C) “”—“” exceeding the limits set in parameter P6
Resetting parameters to factory settings
To reset parameters to factory settings (default settings):
1) turn off the power;
2) press and hold the “”+”” and “”-“” buttons;
3) Apply power to the thermostat.Specifications:
  • Overall dimensions:  79X43X26mm (hole size  74X39mm)
  • Temperature measurement and programming range: -50 ° С … 120 ° С
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.1 ° С in the range from -9.9 ° С to 99.9 ° С; or 1.0 ° C outside this range
  • Control accuracy: 0.1 ° С 0.1 ° С in the range from -9.9 ° С to 99.9 ° С; or 1.0 ° C outside this range
  • Reading update time: 0.5 seconds
  • Supply voltage V: 110-220 V AC
  • Sensor: NTC 10K 0.5% cable length 0.8 m waterproof
  • Maximum load current: 10A / 250VAC; 20A / 12VDC
  • Ambient temperature for the controller: +10 … + 60 ° С
  • Ambient humidity: 20 – 85>#/p###
  • Consumption current: 30 mA
  • Current consumption during relay operation: 65 mA
  • For indoor use.
  • Load connection method: electromagnetic single-channel relay (10A / 220VAC) (for heavy loads use a contactor or solid-state relay of higher power).

Package included:

  • 1 x W3230 Mini Digital Temperature Controller
  • 1 x Temperature Sensor
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