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Tda2822 Dual Power Amplifier



The TDA2822 is a dual low power audio amplifier in an 8-Pin plastic dual in-line package. This IC comes with features like low crossover distortion, low quiescent current, and supply voltage range of this IC is 3V to 15V.


  • Supply Voltage: 3-15V
  • Output Power: 3.2 W
  • Audio – Load Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Gain: 39 dB
  • Operating Supply Current: 12 mA
  • Ib – Input Bias Current: 0.1 uA
  • PSRR – Power Supply Rejection Ratio: 40 dB
  • Available in 8-Pin DIP package


The TDA2822 is a dual power amplifier integrated circuit (IC) designed for low-power audio amplification applications. Here’s a short specification of the TDA2822:

  1. Type: Dual Power Amplifier IC
  2. Supply Voltage: Typically operates on a supply voltage of 1.8V to 15V DC.
  3. Output Power: Typically provides up to 1W per channel into an 8-ohm load with a 9V supply voltage.
  4. Configuration: Dual channel amplifier with two independent amplification stages.
  5. Output Type: Can drive both speaker loads and headphones.
  6. Input Impedance: Typically around 25k ohms.
  7. Features: Low distortion, low noise, and good channel separation.
  8. Package: Available in various packages, including DIP (Dual Inline Package) and surface-mount options.
  9. Applications: Commonly used in portable and battery-powered audio devices, such as radios, intercoms, and small amplifiers.
  10. Protection: May include built-in protection features like thermal shutdown and overvoltage protection.

Package include:

1xTDA2822 Dual Power Amplifier

TDA2822 Dual Power Amplifier

Tda2822 Dual Power Amplifier


Tda2822 Dual Power Amplifier


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